Facebook Post Take Two

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2012.2.26 – Transmission of the Facebook/Twitter message proved fruitful for the Twitter universe. Not so for the Facebook nebula. I have increased power to this transmission by routing the power from the weapons, shields and engines. The Commanding Engineer did not think the lithium crystals could handle the load. I gave him an executive order to, “Shut up!”


Facebook & Twitter Test

This is a test. Only a test. If this had been an actual post to my brand spankin’ new WordPress site you would have been humorously educated by now.

Thank you.

Mobile Is Operational


I’ve got this all setup on the iPhone and just practicing around now.

I did get a spot of bad news – to run the iFeatures theme I need a host account and I don’t feel like spending $7 a month. Maybe after I finish course work in May?

Funky-Monkey Time!

Just bought CyberChimps’ iFeature Pro 4 WordPress theme. I’m getting’ really stoked to setup the new website. The theme looks super smooth and super Apple, so hopefully it will easy to use and be inviting to keep the site up-to-date with good stuffs.

Hello world!

Because Apple now has their fancy-shmancy iCloud service I will be loosing my mac.com website for some reason. Leave it to Apple to stick it to their loyal customers. On the upside it’s forced me to set up a new web presence, so I purchased ifbridges.com. Over the next few days/weeks/months I’ll be setting up this website and figuring out how I’m going to be running things.