Currently, I am a PhD candidate at Rutgers University’s School of Communication and Information with a research focus in sound culture and visual communication. I am also a part-time lecturer at Rutgers University. Additionally, I have been a professional graphic designer for over 25 years.


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Conference Papers

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Undergraduate Courses Taught

  • DCIM Capstone
  • Digital Media Lab
  • Event Design and Management
  • Exploring New Media
  • Musical Cultures and Industries
  • Public Speaking
  • Strategic Presentation
  • Visual Communication
  • WeatherWatcher Living-Learning Community

Academic Honors and Accomplishments

  • 2016 Extending Play 3 Conference Co-Organizer
  • Co-founder of New Brunswick Music Scene Archive
  • 2015 Extending Play – The Sequel Conference Co-Organizer
  • 2014 Prezi Educators Society
  • 2013 MediaCon: Extending Play Conference Co-Organizer
  • SC&I 2012 Summer Fellowship Award
  • 2012 NSF-funded Grant from Rutgers i-Cubed for SC&I DSA Professionalism Day
  • 2010-2011 Ecologies in the Balance Grant for Human Trafficking and Social Media Panel
  • SC&I DSA President 2011/2012
  • SC&I Alumni Association Executive Board, MCIS Representative 2011
  • DiMartini Service Award 2010
  • Best MCIS Capstone Presentation 2010
  • MCIS Graduate Student Association, Co-President
  • Selected to attend the Invitational Masters Student Institute
  • Selected MCIS student to attend 2008 National Communication Association Conference


Rutgers University – New Brunswick, NJ

  • Ph.D., School of Communication and Information, Anticipated Graduation Date May 2017
  • Masters, Communication and Information Studies (MCIS) – Research Associate, 2010
  • B.A., Journalism, 1994
  • B.A., Communication, 1994

Work Experience

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey – New Brunswick, NJ
Designer/Consultant, School of Communication & Information   2010-Present

  • Design marketing pieces for professional development programs such as postcards, ads and spec sheets.
  • Assist in social media branding and development.

Production Specialist, Creative Services    2008-2010

  • Lead a research project sponsored by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education to survey readers of the Rutgers alumni magazine. The findings are currently being assessed for future marketing and positioning use.
  • Project managed the production of signage for Rutgers Day, an open-house event for the community that attracted 75,000 attendees.
  • Perform as a liaison between the Art Department and vendors for specing, quoting, and purchasing print materials such as posters, brochures, billboards and signage.
  • Work with internal clients to project manage jobs such as the Rutgers alumni magazine, Study Abroad brochure, Rutgers Day signage, and the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus map.

East West Connection – Pittstown, NJ
Creative Director     2007-2008

  • Manage the day-to-day operations of a design department for an event and meeting planning agency, including in-house and freelance designers, as well as post-production tasks such as quoting, preparing jobs for various vendors, proofing and arranging shipping of finished deliverables.
  • Prepared designers’ files to deliver to specialized print shop for numerous banners and event signs to be used for a corporation’s 20th anniversary celebration at a reserved baseball stadium.
  • Worked with a large-format digital press to create a cost-effective event folder for short run use, while keeping a high level of product quality and an affordable price.
  • Organized the completion of a website and an online event registration tool for the expanding side of the company.

Swaprocks! – Somerset, NJ
President/Co-Founder     2005-2007

  • Managed the development and launch of Swaprocks!, an online forum for swapping CDs, DVDs and video games.
  • Secured counsel of the Rutgers Law Clinic to create a limited liability company, register the “Swaprocks!” word mark and review legal aspects of the business model, as well as write the user agreement and privacy policy of the website.
  • Designed all visuals and branding of the company, including the website’s GUI (Guided-User Interface) screen flow to lend cohesion to the end-user experience, as well as the company logo, tagline, and promotional materials.
  • Wrote all of the copy throughout the website, including the press releases.
  • Co-wrote the company’s in-depth business plan and developed a presentation to present to venture capitalists.

ITC (International Technidyne Corporation) – Edison, NJ
Creative Manager     2004-2006

  • Received 16 Diagnostic Marketing Association awards for 2004-2006 design work (
  • Managed development of end-user CD-ROM and in-depth website ( for new product launch that reduced patient self-testing material costs by 80% and earned accolades from the internal sales force.
  • Directed, filmed and edited opening movie for sales meetings and company holiday party using iMovie and iDVD.  They were extremely well received by their audiences, with one earning a citation by the President.
  • Assisted the President in writing the company profile for Thoratec Corporation’s (parent company) annual report.
  • Worked as the primary liaison between marketing, design and public relations agencies and the Executive Staff and Marketing Department for special out-of-house projects such as web advertising and patient self-testing materials.
  • Projected and maintained $250K annual departmental budget efficiently and cost effectively for:
    – Purchase of marketing literature and journal article reprints.
    – Development and placement of journal advertising.
    – Maintenance and upgrades of trade show booths.
    – Payment of freelancers and consultants.
    – Upgrade of computer hardware and software, including capital purchases.

Corporate Communications Manager     2001-2004

  • Conceived and implemented a corporate branding strategy by working closely with the new President and a medical diagnostics marketing agency.  These included new literature scheme, website template and trade show presence.
  • Brought a wider focus of multimedia capabilities by developing a Flash-authored movie of the company’s history for trade shows, product CD-ROMs with “how-to” video demonstrations, and enhanced PowerPoint presentations.
  • Hired a full-time Graphic Designer, after presenting the cost savings and developing a departmental growth plan, significantly reducing costs of the growing workload.
  • Conceived and developed a Palm OS-based dosing calculator when a new instrument’s onboard software had programming delays, allowing the feature to still be provided to the customer with little effect on forecasted sales.
  • Spearheaded Beautification Committee responsible for improving the grounds and public areas of all six ITC properties.  Worked with the President and a selected group to identify improvements and complete them.

Graphics Manager     1998-2001

  • Promoted to managerial level and made responsible for all aspects of graphic design, from conception to arrival of finished goods.  Worked with numerous internal customers to identity, schedule and execute their projects.
  • Recruited and managed freelancers for outsourced work, including graphic and production designers, multimedia developers and photographers.
  • Initiated and worked with Document Control and Regulatory Departments to develop a more efficient sign-off standard operating procedure for production and marketing literature.
  • Researched, purchased and upgraded workstations to increase turnaround time and efficiency.  This allowed all PhotoShop editing to be done in-house, resulting in a significant cost savings on many projects.

Graphic Designer     1996-1998

  • Championed development of a company website to Executive Staff; upon launch the site generated a 20% surge in new leads.
  • Networked Graphics Department workstations and established a centralized file server; instituted a hard copy filing system that, when combined, saved an average of 30 hours a week of downtime searching for files.
  • Redesigned production material, radically reducing costs, with one product line’s average package insert price decreasing from $2.50 each to $0.15.

Princeton Book Company, Publishers – Pennington, NJ
Graphic Designer/Publicity Manager     1993-1996

  • Designed book covers, video and audio cassette jackets, and promotional materials entirely on computer, where before it was mostly facilitated using time-consuming “paste-up” methods.
  • Revitalized company image through redesign of book-of-the-month club bulletin and biannual catalog, more in-depth writing of press releases and scheduled follow-up contact with journals.
  • Upgraded software and hardware to make the workflow more productive and reduce service bureau costs.

Rutgers College Recreation Department – New Brunswick, NJ
Graphic Artist     1992-1993

  • Designed flyers and event graphics, along with promoting events, for an intramural department serving 40,000+ students and faculty.
  • Established Excel spreadsheets for expediting payroll and event scheduling processes.

Consulting/Freelance Designer     1990-Present

  • Created cover and DVD selection menus using DVD Studio Pro for a documentary of the U.K. band The Wedding Present.
  • Designed book covers and interiors, most recently for a children’s chapter book and a self-healing guide.
  • Conceptualized and executed CD/record cover designs and promotional materials (sometimes collaborating with illustrators) for independent record companies, which quite often garnered journal praise for the artwork itself.
  • Worked with a team on screen-printed and embroidered clothing design for a skateboard culture company.

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